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Instagram Video Downloader: Save IG Videos with Insaver

Instagram Video Downloader

Nowadays Instagram is one of the best platforms in social networking. As you know while scrolling Instagram videos will find many videos on Instagram. We watch a lot of videos in it that are unique and relevant to our daily life. You find videos that you think is worthy of sharing with your friend’s family or others.

However, sometimes there is no time to watch favourite video at particular time so you like to keep it for yourself for later use to be watched offline specifically so are you thinking how to save Instagram video?

Don’t warry, we have provided an Instagram downloader tool. It is one of the greatest methods of download videos, photos, stories of Instagram. It supports downloads any desired Instagram video you like within a few clicks.

Why Use Our Website?

  • It’s completely safe and free while downloading videos of Instagram.
  • With just a click of the button, the video is downloaded.
  • The resolution and the quality of the video are not lost. The video pixels are not damaged making it best for optimum usage.
  • The website won't take hours to download a specific video. Got an Internet connection? With a click of just one button, the video is saved within minutes.
  • There is no limit to the number of videos one can download!

How to copy Instagram video link or URL?

Step1: Copy the URL of the Instagram Video.

For these steps, all you need is a browser; it doesn’t matter if you open the browser on your phone or on a desktop.

  • Windows Desktop: Open the Instagram video and right-click on the dots, select the option copy link address.

Step 2: Open insaver.io and paste the URL in the search box and click the search button.

download instagram video by link

How to download Instagram video using our website?

  • Copy the link of the video that has to be downloaded.
  • In a web browser open our insaver.io website.
  • Paste the video link in the Instagram video downloader search box (you’ll find that at the top of our page).
  • The video will start synchronizing itself.
  • Click on the Download button to start the downloading process.
  • That's it! The video is now downloaded. Download Instagram video through our website has been easy and securely. 

How to download Instagram Videos on Phone Browser by using our website

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone and find the video which you wish to download.
  • Right-click on the three-dot button on the right side of the video and select the Copy Link URL.
  • Paste the URL in the search box and click on download.
  • That was easy, wasn’t it? The video is now downloaded.
  • You do not need to sign up registration is completely free.
  • The videos are saved in a higher resolution so the image or speech is not ruined in the downloading process.
  • With our website, you can use any device to download Instagram videos whether it is an Android iOS, or desktop browser.
  • This website is completely safe so one does not need to worry about downloading videos.

Instagram Video Downloader Aim?

In today's time, just one internet is enough to gather all the information we need to know about it and also Instagram a very useful social media platform. Personally speaking, the summary found at the end of some content is very relevant to real life, so many people spend most of their time on Instagram.

We can collect all the information we need on Instagram platform, it can be about actionable content, new technologies, motivation, education, entertaining, marketing strategy, unique ideas, fun, love, kind etc. We can collect everything in one social media, so it's something that everyone likes, isn't it?

When all these things are available on one platform, a question comes to the mind of any person, that is, how can we send the video to the other social media that we like very much and related to our life or the life of others, be it family or friends, or relative etc. right?

Why bother while we are? You don't need to use any kind of application to download content that's why we have provided Instagram video download website. Yes, we are introducing the web tool called insaver.io. In this you don't need to download using any other application, any kind of video content can be downloaded in an instant with safe and also Our web tool will be very useful for you if you want to convey the idea through a good content without telling it directly. Finally! Our main purpose is need to spread positive vibe among the peoples by using our web tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

We select the majority question for Instagram video downloading related suspicion. If you are unable to find answer here, you contact us without any hesitation we feel very glad to clear up your doubts and also you can give any piece of advice or feedback it improves our excellent quality of service.

Insaver.io is a web-based Instagram video downloader tool. It is free for a long time in which you can download any Instagram video you like. It is very facile tool for downloading videos from Instagram without any login or signup resource.

The insaver.io tool has made it easy to download the content you get on Instagram. You can get desired ig videos, photos within seconds just by copying the video link or photo link and paste it on our insaver.io search box.


Yes, you can download any Instagram post of photo or video by using insaver.io tool, no quality is lost. You will get high quality whatever they put.

Downloading Instagram private video is somewhat risky because we can’t download private video directly, so we have provided a web tool called insaver.io, in this tool you will get separate page called Instagram private video downloader. We have given guidance on how to download Instagram videos through our website. Follow it and get the videos you want.

Whatever Instagram videos you download it will be in the recent downloading list and the downloads folder is depends on OS. If you want to check the stored video use “Ctrl+J” command then you will get it.

Terms and condition

Insaver.io not associated, affiliated, sponsored or endorsed with Facebook Inc. Instagram and Instagram logos are trademark and copyright of Facebook Inc. We do not host any media content. This site is an educational purpose, any content users download from our website should be taken by the content owner permission. we do not have any permission.